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How to resize photos on a Mac using Preview

This post is for people using a Mac.  I will try to post one for people using a PC if I can get my hands on a PC.

If you have a blog, you probably want to post photos.  The size that your photo comes out of the camera is not an ideal size for the web.  It’s rather large and will take up precious space on your blog as well as increase download times for people trying to view your photos.  So I highly recommend you resize your photos before uploading. (more…)


Why you should use WordPress

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Feb 25, 2011 | Free-for-all Friday, Technology | Tags: , ,

Editing a post

Installing a new theme or a custom theme

Installing plugins is easy

So I’m an avid user of WordPress.  In fact, my whole business (D3 Solutions) is built around WordPress.  I think WordPress is amazing for these reasons:

  1. It’s free (well, mostly)
  2. There’s an extremely active community surrounding it which means there’s always an answer on Google for any problem and plugins and widgets provide additional functionality
  3. It’s so easy to customize and make it look like a regular website (as opposed to a blog site) – don’t believe me?  Check out: www.gemedot.com
  4. It’s easy to update website content using WordPress even for non-technical people (ask my right-brain sister)



How-to set up an RSS feed

My sister asked that I write a post on RSS feeds so here it is. Not the most thrilling topic, but hardly one that you can escape in this blogging day and age.

Let me first address the definition of an RSS feed.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.  Simply put, an RSS feed brings the content of your favorite websites to you through the use of a feed reader (we’ll go over various types in a minute).  (more…)