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The Jesus Storybook Bible

I am in love with this Bible.  It truly is really well done.  What I particularly love is that the author writes each story from the Bible and then shows how to that points to Christ.  The subtitle is “where every story whispers His name” and it truly does!  I love reading this with my daughter (she’s 2.5 years old and she loves to listen to the stories) before naptime and bedtime.  I even learn something new when I read it 🙂  So if you’re looking for a great Christmas present for your kids (and you!) then turn to this Bible.  You won’t be disappointed. You can buy it here.


Toddler Lessons: Perspective

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Aug 22, 2011 | Mommy Monday | Tags: ,

Recently, my now two year old daughter has started to play a game with us that we consider disobedience.  After bath, she runs away from us and hides in corners all while giggling away.  From her perspective, she’s playing with us and from our’s, she is disobeying us when we tell her to go to her room to get her PJs on and she goes in the opposite direction.  (more…)


Toddler Lessons: Old Spoon, New Spoon

This is my daughter at the tender age of 5 months holding on to her spoon for dear life - she was sleeping at the time

Recently, we purchased new spoons and forks for my daughter since she’s actually using them now.  The other day, I fed her extra sticky oatmeal so she could feed herself and not end up with oatmeal all over her lap.  About half way through, she said she was “all done” and handed me the bowl.  To that, I said, “do you want your new spoon?”  She quickly took her bowl back and happily fed herself the rest of the oatmeal with her new spoon.  It truly is amazing how exciting a new spoon can be to a toddler. (more…)


Toddler Lessons: Saying “NO!”

We have heard a lot of “NO!” in our house as of late.  It’s especially bitter when the stiff arm accompanies the exclamation.  We’ve been teaching our little girl that it’s not okay to say “no” to Mommy and Daddy. (more…)


Toddler Lessons: Contentment

Around 16 months of age, our daughter decided that she no longer wanted baby food, but only food that came off mommy and daddy’s plate.  I really didn’t have a problem with this, but a lot foods we ate she wasn’t able to chew because all her teeth hadn’t come it yet.  To this day, if we put it on her plate and she won’t eat it, all I have to do is (more…)


Toddler Lessons: Covetousness

My little girl and I went over to a new friend’s house for a play date a few days ago.  The other little girl is about 2 months older than my daughter (although, you wouldn’t know to look at her because my daughter is such a BIG girl and her new friend is quite small for her age!)  If you’ve ever seen 20 month old toddlers “play” together, perhaps you know by the title “covetousness” what I’m about to say.  (more…)


Devotions with Kids

When my daughter was born, a friend gave us this devotion book: 100 Ways to Know God Loves Me, 100 Songs to Love Him Back.  We love this book.  Each night after dinner and before bath time, we sit down and read the short devotion and look at the cute drawings.  Then we pop in the CD and dance to the song that goes with the lesson we just read.  Since our daughter was 1 year old, we’ve been doing this and if we forget, she goes to the coffee table, pulls out the devotion book and hands it to us.  It has become a really special part of our day.  So find a book and set a time each day to do family devotions.  I hope it becomes a special part of your day too.


Toddler Lessons: Negotiating with a toddler

The other day, my daughter and I went to Smoothie King to get a snack.  Before we headed out the door, I gave my daughter a small sip from the straw.  That led into her desire for more and she wouldn’t stop until she had the cup resting in her lap while she was strapped to her car seat.  As we were leaving the parking lot, the cup was leaking all over her so I took the cup away.  At that point, she started screaming and reaching for the cup.  (more…)