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Great Alphabet Printables

When the older four boys were getting ready to start school in September, boy #5 was feeling left out of the all the hype, so he started asking his brothers what grade he was going into. His brothers convinced him that he was in “pre-k,” which officially made me his pre-k teacher.

So far, our pre-k has consisted of some Wii time and a lot of running errands with mommy, but we’ve managed to incorporate a few official school activities in there too.  He picked out his own pre-K folder when I took his brothers back-to-school shopping and was eager for something to put inside of it.  So, I went back to a website that I stumbled upon a while ago, called DLTK’s Printable Crafts for Kids, with many free early elementary printables and activities.  I like it for the alphabet coloring worksheets specifically, but there’s so much more to it than that.  I’ve been keeping his folder full of fun coloring worksheets and then when I’m working on my computer, or sewing up orders, he pulls out that folder and colors to his heart’s content.  And, when he runs out, I return to that website for more, the supply is seemingly endless!


Freezing Food in Bulk

Ten pounds of raw chicken, ready for the oven

Cooked and cooling

Packaged and ready to freeze

You won’t find me blogging about food often as it’s one of my least favorite topics in the world. But, the reality is that I do have five (always) hungry boys to feed, and they require said food a minimum of three times a day. So, it’s something I have to think about whether I want to or not. I get the dinner time blues a lot when trying to come up with something to make quickly that can feed a small army, but here’s one thing I started doing that has helped a lot with the stress of dinner time.



Snippets of Summer

My baby learns how to swing himself

Second batch of green beans from our garden

Boy #1 wonders if it's about time to harvest some jalepenos

More snippets of my boys-terous summer


“Helpful” Helpers

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Apr 7, 2011 | Everything Else | Tags: , ,

One of the things I love about having kids around the house is the unexpected surprises.  I opened up my fridge recently, after returning from Sam’s, and found this–a giant can of instant lemonade powder, front and center.  My three-year-old “helped” put away groceries that day, and logically thought that lemonade must go in the fridge.  Well-intentioned help is the best kind sometimes. (:


Wii Privileges

$13 in supplies from the Hobby Lobby

Card Stock
Each boy picked a color

Cut Tickets
We cut the tickets

We recently took the plunge and made the decision to allow a video game system in our house.  Boys and video games can be a dangerous combination because addiction is a likely  side effect.  So, when my boys got a Wii for Christmas, I realized we had to come up with a system for monitoring the time spent playing this new toy fast!  It was almost as unnerving to have to field the question “Can we play the Wii?” twenty times a day as it was to realize that they could spend four straight hours trying to conquer one Mario Brothers world without even coming up for air.