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Makeshift Mudroom

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Oct 17, 2011 | Tips and Tricks, Topics | Tags: , ,

My makeshift mudroom

When it comes to maximizing living space, I could write the book. I’ve lived in spaces from 850 to 1500 square feet, all with kids. In our current house, which we share with five boys, we don’t have a laundry room, a mud room, or even a foyer. That can get tricky when the muddy soccer cleats and wet jackets pile up by the front door. So when we put new floors in our family room last year, I took advantage of an opportunity to reorganize the space by our front door to create a makeshift mudroom. (more…)


Recipe Disaster

My Messy Recipe Collection

You’d think that as someone who makes binder covers and markets them for organizing recipes, I’d do better than this organizing my recipes.  Maybe I need to practice what I preach and put one of my own recipe binders in use around my kitchen. (:


Remembering Important Dates

If it weren’t for my organizational skills, I’d be just as forgetful as my right-brain sister.  So I’ve learned that Google Calendars is a great way to keep track of important dates.  My husband and I both have Google Calendars that we share with one another.  We have multiple categories such as Church Events, Family Life, Finances, Important Dates, etc.  When I put it on my calendar, it shows on his calendar and vice versa.  (more…)


Organizing a Desk Area

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Jun 10, 2011 | Free-for-all Friday, Organization | Tags: ,

Hanging shelf holds my backup drives

Milk crates hold important files and coupon inserts

Fabric bins hold various items I don't need in my desk

Despite being an organization freak, my desk always looked more “tangled” than “tidy”.  I really wish I had a before photo to share with you because I’m sure some of you can’t believe it.  For the most part, my desk was very “tangled” because I lacked a good organizational system for my desk.  Just having a few drawers wasn’t enough for me.  So piles of coupon inserts, magazines and bills would sit on my desk.  I’d find a bill a few days before it was due by the grace of God.  Not a good system.  So I decided to change that. (more…)


Backpacks and Breakfast Counters

Problem: backpacks under your feet and nowhere to hang them

Solution: hooks under your breakfast counters

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I don’t believe in underutilized space.  A blank wall in my house is likely to end up with a coat hook eventually.

The latest victim of my coat hook obsession: the walls underneath our breakfast counters.  Our breakfast counters are generally reserved as homework stations, so what could be more fitting than the boys hanging their backpacks right where they need them…and out from under my feet.



Dresser-free Storage

I mentioned in a previous post that all five of our boys share one cozy room, and that we manage to store all their clothes in that room without any dressers. One way we do this: 67 quart clear Sterilite drawers under their beds, available at most Wal-marts and Targets for under $20.  Each boy has his own drawer and we only keep as much clothes as can fit inside these drawers.  The only clothes that don’t get stored here are their designated “church clothes,” which all get hung in their closet.  I love utilizing storage space under the bed, and using sterilite drawers rather than dressers is cost-effective as well as space-saving.



Turn diaper boxes into storage

I absolutely LOVE this idea.  Diaper boxes are so sturdy and have great dimensions for holding all sorts of things.

Here’s the blog post on how to turn diaper boxes into storage: http://www.positivelysplendid.com/2011/02/lets-make-something-together-lined.html


How to organize a child’s closet cheaply

Hanging rod
Hanging PVC pipe creates tiered hanging space

I love our house, but I don’t like the closet space.  Most people complain about their closet space.  I do have ample closet space, but it’s located in the wrong places.  I’m learning that less is more when it comes to clothes – I said, learning, but I definitely haven’t arrived.  So when I saw the space in my daughter’s closet and the amount of clothes we’ve gathered for her, I knew I had to come up with a solution. (more…)


Controlling the Sock Chaos

At the risk of overwhelming you with closet organization tips (my sister has another one coming later on this week) I thought I’d share this little system that we use for organizing underwear and socks in my boys’ room.

All five of my boys share one room and I quickly learned that the key to maintaining my sanity was to create clear, defined spaces in their room for even the small things.  (Of course, of equal importance to maintaining my sanity has been to train them to use those spaces, but that’s a whole other topic entirely!)  I (more…)


Age-appropriate skills

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Feb 21, 2011 | Mommy Monday, Parenting | Tags: , ,

I must point out before I begin that the purpose of this story is not to have you say “oh, she’s so cute” or to brag on my child, but simply to marvel at God’s amazing creation.

So here goes….

Being the left-brain representative of the family (I married a right-brainer), I feel it is my duty to instill a desire and need for order in my little girl’s life(more…)

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