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Real Life Photography

I just read a photography tutorial that I found on Pinterest over at tater tots and jello on taking real-life pictures.  It is a good reminder not to save the camera for the staged events in life (i.e. birthday parties, sports, vacations) but to document the day-to-day things as well.  In her tips on photographing real life events, she also encourages us to “be real”; don’t clean up the house and make life look different than it really is, show your life for what it is.  That inspired me to pull out these pictures I took a couple weeks ago.  My kids in their pj’s at 10 am on a Wednesday morning, not doing homework, not reading great literature, not sitting around the table with me doing a great craft, but doing what they love to do most–playing video games.  Yes, this is real life in our house.

In the pictures above, boy #2 “helps” boy #5 play Mario Cart–it’s the ultimate sacrifice, as you can tell.  Apparently, boy #5 can’t win if he plays this game on his own, so his older brothers “need” to play for him.  It’s the very definition of brotherly love.  Below, boys #3 and 4 watch their brothers play video games intently, because the only thing better than playing video games yourself is watching someone play them…if you’re a boy.


Snippets of Summer

My baby learns how to swing himself

Second batch of green beans from our garden

Boy #1 wonders if it's about time to harvest some jalepenos

More snippets of my boys-terous summer


Baseball Season

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Apr 12, 2011 | Everything Else | Tags: , , ,

It’s that time of year again–baseball season.

As a mom of five boys, four of which are playing baseball this year, I have come to resent the person who instituted an American sports tradition that combines red clay with white polyester.  That person did not have the better interest of future moms in mind.


Life with Boys Part I

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Mar 8, 2011 | Everything Else | Tags: , ,

I firmly believe that boys’ pants should come pre-patched.  I’m just saying, I’ve never succeeded in passing a pair of jeans down from one boy to the next and I think our family could benefit from an extra layer (or two) of fabric in between their knees and the ground.

It's a sea of knees!

But, until the day when my pleas for pre-patched jeans are heard, we won’t let a good pair of knee-less jeans go to the trash–we will continue to wear them with pride!