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Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

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Jan 23, 2012 | Everything Else, Topics | Tags: , , ,

I don’t have a lot of Pinteresting finds to share as of late, but I thought I’d share a recipe that’s been a hit in our house for years now.  It’s simple, its tasty, its healthy, and I think it doesn’t get nearly the recognition it deserves.

Roasted potatoes. I’m just saying, no peeling, no boiling, no mashing, no adding a bunch of fatty ingredients.  Leave the skins on, dice them up, toss them in some olive oil and spices, roast them in the oven, and you’re done.   Who needs mashed potatoes?  These suckers are good hot or cold, travel easily (great appetizer for parties, great side item for picnics or potlucks) and (warning!) are mildly addictive. They are such a hit in our family every time I make them that I’ve stopped skimping and started just making the whole five pound bag. Yes, five pounds, and they all get eaten.

I am sorry to say, the only pictures I have to share of these potatoes are from before I cooked them. If you must know, in the flurry of doing our read aloud of The Hobbit, and then scrambling out the door to boy #3’s basketball practice that we nearly forgot about, this batch got overcooked (a euphemism for burned).  I decided there was no reason to add insult to injury by posting pictures of my burned roasted potatoes to boot.  However, it appears as if my boys (including my husband) didn’t notice because they devoured all five pounds as quickly as usual–yet another reason to love these things, even when they’re “overcooked”, they’re scrumptious!  It’s pretty hard to mess these up!

Sometimes I make these with rosemary, sometimes with dill, sometimes I omit the parmesan cheese, sometimes I throw in some feta cheese, as was the case with the batch you see pictured here. But, I always add the olive oil and kosher salt. And, as a tip, using parchment paper will save you a lot of hassle at clean up time.  A recipe is included below, enjoy!

Parmesan Roasted Potatoes via Real Simple Magazine, June 2006

1 1/2 pounds red potatoes, unpeeled, cut into 1-inch chunks
3 T olive oil
1 1/2 t kosher salt
1/4 t black pepper
1 cup grated parmesan cheese
8 sprigs fresh thyme (or, we use a few teaspoons dried dill or rosemary instead)

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl.  Transfer to a roasting pan or 9 by 13 baking dish.  Roast in a 400 degree oven for about 40 minutes, stirring once.  Serve hot or at room temperature.


Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies

Written by
Nov 15, 2011 | Pinteresting Finds | Tags: ,

Here is yet another Pinteresting Find, homemade oatmeal cream pies.  We made ’em, we love ’em!!  Recipe here.


German Rye Bread – No knead

After mixing

Rising in the sun

After the initial rise

While living in German, we used to hear the refrain quite often (from Germans) “how can you eat that bread in America?” (referring to Wonder bread).  Every Saturday morning, we’d walk down to the local farmer’s market and pick up some fantastic German Rye bread and that’s when I realized what I had been missing out on my whole life!  Now that we’re back in the states, I can’t find a good substitute anywhere so I stumbled upon this recipe in “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day” which I adapted and it’s almost a perfect match.  In fact, I think it’s better. (more…)


DIY Recipe Books and Day Planners

Mini Binder Recipe Books and Planners

I have a new product this fall: the Mini Binder. If you’ve never seen this size binder before (8 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in) and don’t know what’s it’s good for, do not despair! I am here to show you a couple ways to make productive use of this cute little binder and maybe even come up with a few gift ideas for you in the process.  (Don’t freak out, but Christmas is closer than you may think…).



It’s Salsa Time!

Harvesting the salsa vegetables

One of our biggest tomatoes so far

Reddened jalepeno, habenero and cayenne peppers

From the garden to the table, homemade salsa doesn’t get any fresher than this!

I would give you Anthony’s salsa recipe if I could, but I can’t. It’s not that it’s a big family secret, it’s that he really doesn’t have one. But, I will tell you what I know. I know that it consists of tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, juice from a lime, garlic, salt, cilantro, and hot peppers (i.e. Jalepenos) to taste. He cuts the vegetables, puts them in our food processor and starts playing with it till he gets the flavor he’s looking for–he does have a certain order that he adds them to the food processor, but that gets beyond my range of expertise.



Homemade Granola

Written by
May 13, 2011 | Food, Free-for-all Friday | Tags: , ,

Use non-stick cooking spray on the measuring cup for honey and maple syrup

Bowl before microwave

Bowl after microwave

I think there is nothing better than homemade granola.  Store bought doesn’t even come close!  So here’s my fall back recipe that I’ve used time and again.  It’s really fantastic.

A special thank you to Sandy Brooks who shared it with me.



Best Coffee Cake Ever!

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Apr 29, 2011 | Food, Free-for-all Friday | Tags: , ,

Sand-like consistency

Blueberries thickened

Batter ready for pan

SO maybe I should rename “Free-for-all Friday” to “Foodie Friday”.  I guess you can tell I really like to bake!

One day, I was sitting in the Dr’s office and I came across this wonderful recipe in a Sunset magazine.  Ever since, it has been my go-to recipe for coffee cake.  It’s so versatile!  In the spring and summer, I use fresh blueberries and in the fall and winter, I use apples or pears with a little cinnamon.  It always gets rave reviews.  I’m not going to lie, it is time intensive, but it’s totally worth it! (more…)


April Week 3

Written by
Apr 27, 2011 | Wonderful Wednesday | Tags: ,

Took a bike ride to the lake

Went Easter Egg hunting

Planted the herbs outside



Stuffed Sandwiches (Similar to Stromboli)

Written by
Apr 22, 2011 | Food, Free-for-all Friday | Tags: , , ,

Ham, Cheese, and Ricotta filling

Pepperoni, Cheese and Ricotta Filling

Dough after the intial rise

We go to a church small group on Sunday nights with 20 adults and 17 kids.  We alternate who brings dinner and I had the opportunity not long ago.  I struggled with what to feed such a large crowd especially with so many kids.  That’s when I came up with what I call “Stuffed Sandwiches”.  Similar to stuffed crust, but there’s no pizza involved.  I really like this idea because you can stuff it with whatever you want.  It’s a complete meal in one and you can cut custom sized slices to whatever you need for however many people you have! (more…)


Homemade Yogurt

Strainer on top a bowl and fitted with a dish towel

Straining the yogurt for thickness

Storing the yogurt in the fridge

Over the years, I (Rachel) tried making my own yogurt, but failed in each of my attempts.  Failed homemade yogurt translates into wasted milk, and milk is a precious commodity in our family; hence, my husband requested that I stop attempting to make my own yogurt. 🙂  But, last fall, when I visited Laura, I discovered that she was making her own homemade yogurt.  When I found out how simple her recipe was, I was determined to give it one more try. (more…)

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