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Closet organization – shoe organizer

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Feb 17, 2011 | Organization, Thrifty Thursday | Tags: , ,

Target has a great price on shoe organizers

Works great for a large closet with tools

My favorite trick for organizing my closets cheaply is to buy a clear, plastic shoe organizer.  At just $7.99 at Target, I can stuff those pockets full of little items that get lost in a large closet (and the clear pockets allow me to see exactly what I’ve stuffed in there).  I use them for scarves, socks, belts, jewelry, ties, toiletries, tools, and even shoes, occasionally.  Since it utilizes unused space on the back of a door, it makes me even happier!


2nd week of February

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Feb 16, 2011 | Wonderful Wednesday | Tags: , ,

Smoothie made with berries, milk, coconut, spinach and wheat germ

Little girl likes to read in the car

She likes to read outside of the car too


Walking and weights

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Feb 15, 2011 | Exercise, Tip Tuesday | Tags: , ,

First, you need a stroller & a kid

Next you need a pair of tennis shoes

And finally some hand weights

Last summer, I knew I should be lifting weights to tone and strengthen, but with a little girl around, it was difficult to figure out a good time to squeeze in a workout.  This is when I decided that if I could incorporate my daughter into my workout, I’d be spending time with her and exercising at the same time!  At the time, I was in the habit of walking while pushing my daughter in the stroller, but I didn’t feel I was getting enough exercise.  So that’s when I stepped it up a bit.  Here’s what I started doing and have found it tremendously beneficial. (more…)


Maximize your earnings when selling used kid’s items

I bought my daughter a pair of Stride Rite shoes at a church consignment sale last spring.  We couldn’t get her little toes into the front of the shoe – it was too tight.  Big bummer especially since I paid $8 for them.  So I brought them to a local consignment store to see what they’d pay me for them.  $2…really?  (more…)

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