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Meet Rachel

My name is Rachel and I am the right brain.  I call my cell phone several times a day in an effort to locate it and have given up on ever remembering where I left the portable one.  I’m not big on making to-do lists and have a habit of losing my train of thought mid-sentence.

Years ago, my post-graduate path to further my education in economics was intercepted by a man who stole my heart and convinced me to spend the rest of my life with him.  My future changed directions and I have never looked back.

In a shocking turn of events, within seven years of marriage we had five boys ages six and under.  This mischievous bunch brings light to my life every day, as well as chaos.  Today they range in age from 7 to 14.  I’ll refer to them in this blog collectively as my boys, or individually from oldest to youngest as boy #1, boy #2, et al.

Life with five boys is more tangled than tidy, and usually just downright messy.  But through them, the Lord is teaching me to find beauty in the places I least expect it–muddy-faced kisses, broken storm doors riddled with fingerprints, and memories formed in the midst of chaos.

Three years ago, I turned a hobby sewing bags for myself into a business.  Today, I sell my handmade bags and accessories online and in local gift shops.  It’s been a great creative outlet for me and the little extra money that it brings in comes in handy too.

My contributions to this blog will likely be random, unpredictable and slightly sporadic, but hopefully that will only enhance the reading experience, helping you relate a little better to my world. (: