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About Tidy Tangle

The diagram above shows how Laura’s left brain and Rachel’s right brain come together to form one blog, the Tidy Tangle!

About us:

We are two sisters leading two very different lives that are reflective of our two very different personalities.  Laura, the left brain and the younger sister, has one little girl and leads a life that looks a little more tidy; Rachel, the right brain and older sister, has five boys and leads a slightly more tangled existence.  Both of us are work-at-home moms, and wives, living out the tension of what it looks like to be the modern-day Proverbs 31 woman.  We strive to provide nurturing homes for our families while being good stewards of our resources and contributing to the family income where opportunities exist.

Both our worlds are a combination of calm and chaos.  We don’t have much of an agenda to offer in this blog except to be real and to share tips, creative inspiration and resources that we’ve found helpful along the way. Welcome to our Tidy Tangle!

How to read our blog:

We contribute separate posts to this blog that will overlap occasionally.  Think of it as two blogs in one!  To follow Laura, click on the topics on the left, underneath her picture; to follow Rachel, click on the topics on the right, underneath her picture.  Or, to follow us both, just scroll down the center.  The author of each post is identified at the top of the posts.  Between the two of us, we hope that you can find something relevant, interesting, useful or at the very least, entertaining.

Laura and her daughter, Rachel and her five boys