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Natural Flavoring for Snow Cones and other fun things to do with frozen juice concentrate

We love a good snow cone in the heat of summer, but we don’t love all the artificial dyes and flavorings in the versions that you can buy at the store.  So, we came up with our own, natural version of this traditional summertime treat.  The secret ingredient?  Thawed frozen juice concentrate.

Using some squeeze bottles that I found at the craft store, I keep a couple different flavors of thawed, frozen juice concentrate in the door of my fridge.  Using the ice function of my Ninja blender (which turns ice into snow in mere seconds), we blend up our ice and scoop it into some snow cone cups that I found at Walmart in the seasonal isle.  So, when we’re ready for a snow cone, we just pull out our squeezy bottles, pick the flavor of our choice, and squirt it right onto the snow cone.  Voila!  Instant natural snow cones that might even have a few vitamins and nutrients included!


You can use lemon or lime juice for an extra tarty treat, or any number of exotic flavors.  We used orange/pineapple/apple most recently.

Other things you can do with thawed frozen juice concentrate include:

  1. Slushies.  Simply blend juice concentrate with the ice in a blender, using a 1 to 3 ratio of juice concentrate to water (i.e. I usually do 1/2 cup concentrate to 1 1/2 cups ice).
  2. Single servings of juice.  Just mix water and juice concentrate in a cup for an instant single serving of juice using the same ratio as the slushies.  It saves the space in your fridge of having a big container with different juices and allows the flexibility of a glass of juice whenever you’d like it.
  3. Flavored lemonade.  Add a squirt of raspberry pomegranate juice to your lemonade for instant pink lemonade!
  4. Mix the concentrate with sprite and freeze in popsicle molds for a easy summertime treat.

Hope everyone’s staying cool this summer!


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