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Making Mini Recipe Books

Now that I’ve been using my oilcloth mini binders for a while, I had some updates I wanted to share with you–also, I created some new recipe tab dividers that are now available to my Etsy customers.  For those of you just joining us, these binders are a unique, spill proof way to store  recipe collections. We will show you here some ways to use them for your recipe books. Please note, the following suggestions all include the use of mini sheet protectors–if you purchase one of our mini binders, you will receive six free sheet protectors with your order.

#1: The Mini Recipe Book

The Dividers

I’ve tried many dividers available for the mini binders, but have found that they don’t stick out far enough to be seen when used with mini sheet protectors.  So, I decided to create my own dividers and I’m making them available to you for $5 in my Etsy shop.  I recommend printing them onto cardstock, and cutting them with a paper cutter for the best results–just use a scissors to cut around the tabs.  Once you’ve cut them out, slide them into mini sheet protectors, available here.

We also have normal/non-downloadable dividers available in our Etsy shop. They are available blank, with the recipe labels pictured below, or customized for you.


Filling your recipe book

There are a few different ways to go about filling your mini recipe book:

1.  Purchase some mini sheet protectors (if you haven’t already) and purchase this recipe page below, also available in my Etsy shop. Fold this page in half widthwise and slide into your mini sheet protector.

Mini recipe book with my printable mini recipe pages

1.  You can purchase these 4×6 recipe pocket pages to organize recipe cards.  Many  websites will allow you to print their recipes in 4×6 format, and Etsy has a great selection of unique recipe card options available for purchase or download here.  These recipe pocket pages are a bit pricey, but are the only ones I found so far that fit well in our binders.

My sister’s recipe book using the 4×6 card organizers

3.  Also using the mini size sheet protectors, use Word to create a two column document using the following instructions:  Open up Word and start a new, blank document.  Click on File, then Page Setup and then click to change your page orientation to landscape layout. Next, click on Format in the top toolbar, select Columns and choose two columns.  When you are done doing this, save this template.  You can then proceed to type one recipe per column into your document and print, fold in half, and slide into your sheet protectors.

Using two columns on Word to create a mini recipe page

4 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    I love you dividers. They were exactly what I needed and worked better than ones I have bought! Thanks.

  2. Justine says:

    Life…Your Way has some good organizing printables that I like to use. Several of them can be downloaded in half-page format, which seem like they would work in your mini binders. You could probably use printer settings to print any of the full-page ones in a half-size format as well, to make them work in the smaller binders.

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