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Making Mini Recipe Books and Family Organizers

Some of you have heard me talk a lot about my oilcloth mini binders already and may be tired of it.  But, now that I’ve been using mine for a while, I had some updates I wanted to share with you–also, I created some new recipe tab dividers that I want to make available to my Etsy customers.  For those of you just joining us, these binders are a unique, spill proof way to store  recipe collections; besides that, they’re just irresistibly cute!  But, what use are they if you don’t know how to use them?

Mini binder compared to a normal one

Though there are probably endless ways to use these binders, I’m going to focus primarily on two of them here:

  1. Mini Recipe Books 
  2. Mini Family Organizers

#1: The Mini Recipe Book

The Dividers

Mini recipe book with my free, printable recipe dividers

I’ve tried many dividers available for the mini binders, but have found that they don’t stick out far enough to be seen when used with mini sheet protectors.  So, I decided to create my own dividers and I’m making them available to you here for free.  I recommend printing them onto cardstock, and cutting them with a paper cutter for the best results–just use a scissors to cut around the tabs.  Once you’ve cut them out, slide them into mini sheet protectors, available here.  If you do use and print my recipe dividers, please (pretty please!) either leave a comment on this post, or take a minute to pin it, if you’re on Pinterest.  **update: I’ve recently added blank tabs too, so you can write in your own recipe headings, or any other headings that you’d like to create dividers for.  They are listed below the labeled tabs.**

Labeled Printable Dividers

Main Dishes Recipe Divider

Side Dishes Recipe Divider

Soups and Salads Recipe Divider

Breakfast and Breads Recipe Divider

Desserts Recipe Divider

Misc Recipe Divider

Blank Printable Dividers

green blank tab

red blank tab

peach blank tab

blue blank tab

gray blank tab

purple blank tab

One of our mini binders with these recipe tabs included would make a great gift for a bride, or mom-to-be, just a suggestion, though, I’m not being pushy. (:

Filling your recipe book

There are a few different ways to go about filling your mini recipe book:

1.  You can purchase these 4×6 recipe pocket pages to organize recipe cards.  Many  websites will allow you to print their recipes in 4×6 format, and Etsy has a great selection of unique recipe card options available for purchase or download here.  These recipe pocket pages are a bit pricey, but are the only ones I found so far that fit well in our binders.

My sister's recipe book using the 4x6 card organizers

2.  Purchase some mini size sheet protectors and print this recipe page I designed.  Fold this page in half widthwise and slide into your mini sheet protector.

Mini recipe book with my printable mini recipe pages

3.  Also using the mini size sheet protectors, use Word to create a two column document using the following instructions:  Open up Word and start a new, blank document.  Click on File, then Page Setup and then click to change your page orientation to landscape layout. Next, click on Format in the top toolbar, select Columns and choose two columns.  When you are done doing this, save this template.  You can then proceed to type one recipe per column into your document and print, fold in half, and slide into your sheet protectors.

Using two columns on Word to create a mini recipe page

#2: The Mini Family Organizer

Here is a list of websites with planner pages you can order or print yourself that fit in my mini binder.  **Idea #2 requires mini sheet protectors.

  1. The Busy Woman (order her notebook size planner pages)
  2. Crystal Wilkerson (this is so much more than just a planner, check out a complete review of it here)
  3. Day Runner (look at their planner refills for 5.5″x8.5″)
  4. Day-Timer (look for their refills for 5.5″x8.5″)

A mini family planner with Crystal Wilkerson's 2011 planner pages

Be keeping an eye out for printable versions of all the recipes we share on Tidy Tangle to fit the mini binders, and as always, please leave a comment if you choose to use any of our printables!

4 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    I love you dividers. They were exactly what I needed and worked better than ones I have bought! Thanks.

  2. Justine says:

    Life…Your Way has some good organizing printables that I like to use. Several of them can be downloaded in half-page format, which seem like they would work in your mini binders. You could probably use printer settings to print any of the full-page ones in a half-size format as well, to make them work in the smaller binders.

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