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Cinnamon Rolls from Canned Biscuits

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Mar 12, 2012 | Pinteresting Finds | Tags: , ,

AT has been out of town and I decided to step outside of the Sunday morning box yesterday and make some cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Inspired by a Pinteresting find, I tried this recipe, compliments of The Jones Way, which uses canned biscuits for making warm, gooey cinnamon rolls.  If I was feeling really Pioneer Woman-ish, I’d go all out and try her recipe, which is truly from scratch.  That’s inspiring and all, and looks sinfully delish, but I can’t quite muster up the energy to go through that many steps.  Maybe someday after a full pot of coffee and a really, really good night’s sleep, I’ll find that pioneer woman within, but for now, I’m sticking with the canned biscuit recipe.  They took me all of ten minutes to prepare, and were met with praises from all five of my boys, and as the pictures can attest, they all but licked the platter clean.  So, if I make them again when AT is in town, I might need to break into a third can of biscuits.  Follow the link to her recipe to try and Bon Appetit!

Ready to go in oven

Out of the oven and ready to serve

This is what the platter looked like on our way out the door to church, I guess it was a hit!

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