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Free Printables and Family Organizers

Some of my oilcloth binders and binder covers available on Etsy

After my post on how to use my oilcloth mini binders (8 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in) to create your own recipe collections and weekly planners, I figured I’d be remiss not to do a post on how to use my normal size (8 1/2 in x 11 in) oilcloth three-ring binder for organizational benefits as well.  I’ve seen some great downloadable planner pages on Pinterest lately (yes, I’m the latest victim of yet another social networking time warp, but I do love it) and thought I’d share them here.

Download some of these freebies and use page protectors to organize them inside one of my oilcloth three-ring binders to create your own family organizers, menu planners, calendars and more.  Of course, you don’t have to use one of my binders, but it would make organizing a little more bright and cheery. (:  Also, many of these pages could make great Christmas gifts for loved ones this year organized neatly inside a binder!

Here are a few free downloads I found:

Weekly Planners

Check out mommytracked.com for many free downloadable pages, such as weekly planners, party planning worksheets and to-do pages.

A weekly planner page available at mommytracked.com

Menu Planners

At Design Finch, she has made quite a comprehensive list of available downloadable planner pages in many categories, not just menu planners.  Click here to see them all and go crazy downloading them with the links she’s provided for you.

Some menu planners available for download at designfinch.com

I also found a great weekly meal planner page at Glamour This:

A weekly meal planner page from Glamour This

Coupon Organizers

And, so as not to leave you couponers (is that a word?) out, I found the Coupon Magic Organizer website, where they have their comprehensive coupon organization system available for purchase.  You can just buy their organizer system without their binder and use my two-inch oilcloth binder covers to create your own coupon organization system.

Everything Else

If these aren’t enough for you, visit The Busy Woman’s website for a wealth of planning pages available to purchase and download.  She has sets of planning pages available, or single pages, and they run the gamut from menu planning pages, devotional pages, emergency contact pages and even travel itinerary pages.  The possibilities are endless with the options she has on her website!

If you come across any other downloadable pages, we want to hear about them, so please let me know!!

2 Responses

  1. Shayla says:

    Thanks so much for linking to the free printable planners on my blog! I’m so thrilled to discover the oil cloth binders in your Etsy shop, as they’d be the perfect way to organize my huge collection of recipes.

  2. Jessica K says:

    Awesome resources.
    I love pinterest too!

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