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DIY Recipe Books and Day Planners

Mini Binder Recipe Books and Planners

I have a new product this fall: the Mini Binder. If you’ve never seen this size binder before (8 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in) and don’t know what’s it’s good for, do not despair! I am here to show you a couple ways to make productive use of this cute little binder and maybe even come up with a few gift ideas for you in the process.  (Don’t freak out, but Christmas is closer than you may think…).

If you start browsing the Internet, you won’t have to look far to find calendar refills, note pages, and card organizers for this size binder, also known as half-sheet and notebook size binders.  At The Busy Woman’s website, they have planner pages to help you plan everything from your daily devotional schedule to homeschool lesson plans.

My Oilcloth Mini Binders

As well, it’s not hard to find 5 1/2 in x 8 1/2 in page protectors.  And, using those page protectors, I have a couple ideas for making a loved one, or yourself, a great little gift this year.

First, [insert shameless plug] go to my Etsy shop and order your Oilcloth Mini Binder(s)!  Then, go to this website to order yourself some half sheet page protectors.  Once you’ve got these essential supplies, keep reading and see what wonderful ideas we have for them below.

Idea #1: The Mini Recipe Book

There are two ways you could quickly, and easily, make yourself a recipe collection to store in my oilcloth mini binders.  First, I’ll tell you the easier way, then I’ll tell you the easy way. (If you haven’t caught on yet, both ways are easy.)

The Easier Way

Click here to open up a free recipe page that I designed to fit in these mini binders.  Once you’ve opened this up, print it out (it should print out in landscape mode) and simply fill in your recipes the old-fashioned way (pen and ink!).  Then, fold the pages in half, and slide them into the page protectors.  Voila!  When done, you should see one recipe on the front and one on the back and you’re well on your way to your very own Mini Recipe Book! You could even leave the pages blank and gift the binder with the blank recipe pages to a bride or for Christmas; then, the recipient could fill them in with their own favorite recipes.  Just be sure to tell them where you got the recipe pages so they can come back for more!

Idea #1: A recipe book using my free recipe pages

The Easy Way

If you prefer to type your recipes, try this method using Microsoft Word:

Open up Word and start a new, blank document. Next, click on File, then Page Setup and then click to change your page orientation to landscape layout. Next, click on Format in the top toolbar, select Columns and choose two columns.

Then, in the left column, start typing out your recipes. When finished typing your first recipe, enter down until you get to the right column and start typing your second recipe. When finished typing, print the page and then fold it in half. Once it’s folded in half, slide it into the half-sheet page protectors. If you would like, you can play with your fonts and borders for a more playful look.

Recipes printed into two columns in Word and ready to fold and insert into page protectors

Remember my recipe disaster?  I’m using my mini binders now to collect and store all my frequently-used recipes, where I can keep them out on my counter for quick reference.  The best part: both the oilcloth covers and the page protectors will wipe easily clean when I splatter the spaghetti sauce (notice I said when, not if).

Idea #2: Mini Calendar and Planner

Many thanks to my friend, Christina, for turning me on to this free downloadable planner, designed by Crystal Wilkerson.  Okay, so y’all know that I am way too tangled to ever be this tidy (translated: I’ve never kept up with a planner for more than one day), but even I am motivated to try turning over a tidy leaf and start using these adorable planner pages.  And, is just so happens that they fit PERFECTLY in my oilcloth mini binders.  (It’s like she knew I was coming out with this product!)

It’s not hard to tell by her thoroughness in designing this planner that Crystal is more tidy than tangled–her planner pages cover all the following topics: time management, personal development, health and nutrition, money management, and monthly calendar pages, as well as a few extras like lined journal paper and a three-hole-punch template to fit the rings in these binders perfectly.  Visit the link above for her free planner pages, download them to your computer and you won’t be sorry!  Just follow her wishes and become one of her followers if you do!

Idea #2: A planner using these free downloadable planner pages by Crystal Wilkerson

If you have any other ideas, or uses, for our oilcloth mini binders, be sure to let us know!

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